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Father and son team, Kurt and Nick Gerber – photographers by trade – are making a documentary film chronicling the transition of American veterans of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan back to civilian life. Through a cross-country motorcycle trip the father and son team will meet, interview, film and photograph these brave Americans. The result of this work will be a documentary film and collection of portraits that relate the faces of veterans and their stories to the ninety nine percent of Americans they’ve been serving for over ten years.

Never before have so many soldiers survived a war and never before have their injuries been so severe. IEDs and RPGs have meant countless TBIs and PTSD - perhaps in every single warrior to some degree. It’s impossible for those of us at home to imagine considering that these stories are simply not a part of our lives.

We’re sharing these stories to bring awareness and to say thank you to our veterans for embracing and enduring what our country asked. We’re asking you to reach out to a vet – let them know you appreciate their incredible sacrifices; let them know that you recognize that you are safe at home BECAUSE of these sacrifices. We’re asking you to join us in taking the time to move beyond the initials like TBI and PTSD and show that you care.

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