About Operation Route 66

Nick and Kurt Gerber

Hailing from Chicago, Kurt and Nick Gerber are a father and son team who have been around the world together making photographs that tell the stories of their journeys and the places they have been. For their latest adventure they wanted to tackle something that was closer to their hearts, and to the hearts of they're fellow countrymen. In a time where American's are being pushed further and further apart by pundits and politics, the duo decided they wanted to do something which highlighted important issues that would resonate with the left and the right. Using their skills as story tellers they plan to leave Chicago in May of 2012 on  motorcycles to cross the American west on historic Route 66. 

They will be meeting, interviewing and photographing the veterans that have been in service over the last 10 years. You can be a part of the journey too! Follow their progress on Facebook and Twitter. Stay in the loop as they meet with the bravest men and women in the United States.